About The Promising Slate

The Promising Slate is Arshiya Foundation's flagship program for our services in education. We believe that a quality education can unlock the power of an individual - child or adult. Arshiya Foundation's initiatives are focused on providing a platform for equal opportunities to low income and marginalized students.



To use the power of an education to shape individuals who have the determination to dream of better tomorrows.


of 5th standard

Government school children can read a 2nd standard textbook.


By sixth grade children’s math skills are only at third grade level. By grade they’ve only reached fourth grade level.

Even though school funding increased between 2011 and 2015, test results have fallen.


Language Labs

Language Labs is the English language enhancement program of Arshiya Foundation. It is directed at helping homeless youth speak and write in English, as we believe that this will be transformative for their future economic prospects. Our curriculum is designed specifically to augment their school learning and train them to practically apply the subject knowledge.


We use several innovative methods to teach our curriculum including stories, conversations, games and multimedia. Young learners love to play and evidence suggests that innovative teaching methods and interactions are instrumental in language learning.


Marwari Vidyalaya High School

Marwari Vidyalaya High School was founded in 1912 and is one of the oldest schools in Mumbai. It is supported by the Mittal Family Charitable Trust. The school educates a total of 1500 children a year, running three sections - Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary, in both English and Hindi mediums.

Arshiya Foundation has created a model for the qualitative improvement of low income schools, which is now being applied to Marwari Vidyalaya. This is a multi-dimensional strategy which will lead to the achievement of Marwari Vidyalaya's child advancement objectives and pedagogical advancement objectives.

The MVHS Model for Low Income Private Schools

This is our internally developed model, which maps out a structure for school success.