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Officially around

are homeless street dwellers in Mumbai.


street children in the city go hungry every day

Nearly half of pavement dwellers daily wages are spent on food every day


About The Joyful Spoon

The Joyful Spoon is Arshiya’s Foundation’s supplemental nutrition initiative. We provide hot, fresh, nutritious meals to the same homeless children and adults in Mumbai, six days a week.

Mumbai's homeless have a very difficult life. While most families have earning members, their income is not enough to ensure a healthy and well rounded life. They often do not have access to public distribution systems and their cooking arrangements on the street are often hazardous and exorbitantly expensive.

Continuous impact assessments study the affected change we are making in the communities we serve. Since TJS serves the same communities everyday, we have been able to witness an increase in family income and healthier lifestyles. We are driven and passionately committed to our cause of ending food insecurity on the streets of Mumbai.



To alleviate hunger and food insecurity to allow equality of opportunities.

Our Impact:

In May 2017,

We commissioned an independent study to check the impact of three months of daily dinners on the families.

Our goal was to check if consistently providing meals, we could help reduce expenses and increase savings from their daily income.

We found that 2/3 of the working population in the target community earns less than 300 per day.

58% reported an increase in savings in 2 months of receiving daily meals.

Nearly 75% are 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation homeless, which means for the vast majority this is a vicious cycle.

87% reported a decrease in hunger as a result of the Joyful Spoon program.

Hygenic Food

The food is freshly made every day in a clean, safe and hygienic kitchen and packaged on site for immediate distribution.

Balanced Meal

We are providing nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals that form a complete staple diet.

Delivered Everyday

Six days a week our program provides dinner for 250 people in Mumbai.